Fashion Tips I Cherish

Good fashion advice has played a huge part in my wardrobe going from nay to yay. I finally have a closet filled with clothes that create stylish, comfortable and convenient outfits that suit my lifestyle 🤩 So, if you want know the fashion tips I myself cherish click play on my latest YouTube video 😍Continue reading “Fashion Tips I Cherish”

Chizoba is wearing an orange shaket, a white and black graphic t shirt, black tights, black doc martens, a black a line mini skirt and gold jewellery. Her hair is in a half up/half down hairstyle. She is giving a neutral expression

A Hint of Orange

This vintage orange shacket became a member of my wardrobe just over a year ago. I bought this to add some colour into my closet because I own waaay too many neutral clothes. The truth is I love colour; I think it really compliments my dark skin. However, in the past, I’ve found it reallyContinue reading “A Hint of Orange”

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