How To Make your Midi Skirts Autumn and Winter Friendly

Although the colder months are here and, are, ready to stay for a while. It does not mean you have to say goodbye to your summer wardrobe. So for those of you who own beautiful midi skirts. Here is a great way to make them Autumn and Winter friendly. Outfit Details Outfit 1 Black CroppedContinue reading “How To Make your Midi Skirts Autumn and Winter Friendly”

Midi Dresses are Not Only Cute They’re Practical!

After a year of not shaving my legs due to the pandemic keeping me indoors, I wasn’t feeling like wearing my mini dresses this summer. And exposing my hairy legs to the world; once lockdown had ended. I don’t have the stamina to deal with people looking at me weirdly because I decided not toContinue reading “Midi Dresses are Not Only Cute They’re Practical!”

Good Bye Polyvore I Will Miss You πŸ˜ž

Back in the day, I used to be super obsessed with Polyvore. I would spend hoooooooourrrrrrrrrrssssssssss creating different outfits. And honestly, who can blame me it was fun. When I found out the website was going to shut down I was gutted because, to put it bluntly, there isn’t another platform like it. Now althoughContinue reading “Good Bye Polyvore I Will Miss You πŸ˜ž”

I Watched The Best Man and …Well πŸ˜…

Hello my friendly readers 😊 and welcome back to another blog post! I know it’s been a whileee since I’ve last been on here, but that’s honestly due to the fact I’ve been spending a lot of time on Instagram and YouTube, which highly suggest you follow to see more of my beloved content πŸ˜‰Continue reading “I Watched The Best Man and …Well πŸ˜…”

I Went to Greenwich and It Was AMAZING!

For the first time this year, I finally had plans outside. And overall I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. This trip really reminded me of how much I missed going outside to meet my friends and family. Not to mention it got me excited for June 21st as hopefully all restrictions will be lifted so I canContinue reading “I Went to Greenwich and It Was AMAZING!”

Can We Consider this Dark Academia?

So I’m loving fashion trends such as dark academia. As they’re incorporating work and school attire into everyday outfits. This is great because not only is this stylish but, it means your clothes become a lot more versatile. In regards to my outfit, I’m not sure if I’ve achieved the dark academia aesthetic as myContinue reading “Can We Consider this Dark Academia?”

Black Hair Stores Every Natural Should Check Out

If you’ve subscribed to my YouTube channel you’re probably aware that I’ve started a new series called ‘Chizzy Recommends’ where I pretty much recommend goods and services that I love. In the 3rd episode (which I’m gassed about as your girl has made three episodes!) I’m going to be talking about my go-to Black hairContinue reading “Black Hair Stores Every Natural Should Check Out”

Who Knew Trousers Could Be So Stylish?

There was honestly a point in time where I couldn’t imagine ever wearing trousers as a part of a casual outfit. The reason for this was back when I was in secondary school there weren’t many cute trousers out there so I only really had jeans. But in the last couple of years clothing stores,Continue reading “Who Knew Trousers Could Be So Stylish?”