Who Knew Trousers Could Be So Stylish?

A collage of Chizoba where she is wearing a black leather jacket, black high neck jumper and white and black check wide leg trousers. She is also wearing Black Doc Marten Jadon boots. Chizoba is leaning against a brown brick wall and is smiling and laughing

There was honestly a point in time where I couldn’t imagine ever wearing trousers as a part of a casual outfit. The reason for this was back when I was in secondary school there weren’t many cute trousers out there so I only really had jeans. But in the last couple of years clothing stores, ranging from vintage to high street, have been stocking up some new styles such as slim fit joggers, culottes or wide-leg trousers (like the one I’m posing in right now). And to be honest I’m loving it!

I admire these check white and black wide-leg trousers as they’re stylish. Not to mention they’re super comfortable. It is soo easy to move in them. And lastly, these trousers literally, can be paired with so many clothing items in my wardrobe. This particular aspect is important to me as I do rely on fast fashion to buy clothes (unfortunately). Therefore If I’m contributing to the damage of this ecosystem my purchases need to be worth it and not a waste.

So how do you feel about wide-leg trousers do you love or loathe them?

Outfit Details

Black Leather Jacket – New Look

Black Turtle Neck Top -ASOS

Jadon Doc Martens

Trousers – ASOS

Love Chizoba x

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