My Complicated Relationship With Mini Skirts

A collage of Chizoba where she is wearing an all Black outfit including a Black a line skirt, tights, boots a graphic t shirt and a furry midi coat. She is also wearing round rimmed glasses in each photo Chizoba is posing near a brown birck wall and is smiling.

So I’ve always liked skirts especially mini skirts as the way people paired them together with other clothing items always looked cool. However, unfortunately for the longest time, I never enjoyed wearing them.

The main reasons for this were because short skirts were revealing and I didn’t have the confidence to show off my body. Secondly, as mini skirts tend to be on the tighter side you need to size up. I felt ashamed of going up a size (thanks to fatphobia) so I didn’t and peopleeeeeeeee wearing skirts were hell.

My relationship with skirts improved as I got to uni. I realised that it was asinine to subject myself to pain because I didn’t want to size up. There is nothing wrong with being a bigger size. Not to mention you look and feel good when you wear clothes that fit you. Moreover, I grew a bit of confidence in revealing my legs as well as came up with hacks to make my mini-skirt wearing experience easy. Such as wearing biker shorts underneath my skirt if I’m not wearing tights.

What has your experience been like with skirts was it generally good or a bit similar to mine?

Outfit Details

T-Shirt – ASOS Marketplace

Coat and Skirt – ASOS

Boots – Raid

Black Tights

Love Chizoba x

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