Branching Out of My Skin Care Comfort Zone

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2020 has definitely been a year of reflection, which isn’t surprising as I have spent A LOT of time at home, deep in my own thoughts. In regards to my skincare routine I’ve learnt a lot thus my routine has changed. Not to mention I’ve branched out my comfort zone and I’ve been trying new products. Overall I’m pretty impressed with my new purchases and if you want to know why I suggest you keep reading.

PURITO Defence Barrier pH Cleanser

I bought a new cleanser as the only brand I’ve been using is COSRX. And don’t get me wrong I really like the COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser. But it’s time to branch out.

I really admire the Purito Defence cleanser as it’s less harsh than COSRX. It cleanses my face nicely without leaving it tight. Furthermore a little goes a long way meaning this cleanser will last for a while.

Chizoba is holding the purito defence Barrier pH cleanser

iUNIK Vitamin Hyaluronic Acid Vitalizing Toner

Initially, I disliked this toner as it made my face very oily. However, once I moved back home from uni my views soon changed. The iUNIK toner really is hydrating and it comes with a generous amount of product which is AMAZING as it’s going to last!

In regards to why this toner made my face oilier. I think the reason behind it stems from my environment. My uni room was quite humid in comparison to my bedroom at home which is a lot cooler.

COSRX – Oil Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion with Birch Sap

This is actually not the first time I have used this moisturiser. Back in 2018, this was the only moisturiser I would use in my skincare routine. But, as it increased in price (UNFORTUNATELY) I had to look for a cheaper alternative.

However, with COVID giving me some extra coins as I can’t go outside. I had the opportunity to buy this again. And I’m so thankful that I could because this moisturiser is heavenly. It’s lightweight but still leaves my skin feeling soft.

Final Thoughts

I’m glad I decided to buy new skincare products as I’ve been able to enjoy the benefits they’ve provided to my skin. Plus I have options! Which I think is really important when comes to beauty products.

Love Chizoba x

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