Make-Up Tools I Would Highly Recommend

A image of makeup brushes that are in a makeup brush holder

If there is anything I have learnt from my experience with make-up is that quality matters when it comes to your make-up tools. Because if they’re trash then you best believe that your make-up will be too. So, to those out there needing to replace there terrible make-up brushes and sponges here are some better alternatives that I think you’ll like.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

This is the first beauty blender I have ever owned and boy am I not disappointed. It blends my complexion products very well especially when it comes to under-eye concealer, as the sponge has a flat surface. 

Superdrug Fantasy Blush Brush

Not only is this brush cheap but it’s also super soft and dense. It perfectly applies blush on to my cheeks. Giving my make-up look a nice amount of colour.

Chizoba is holding the Superdrug Fantasy Blush Brush. Which has a dark purple glitter handle and black and purple ombre bristles

Unicorn Cosmetics Class of 86′ Makeup Brush Set

I originally bought this eye shadow brush set to replace a cheap set that I got from eBay. I really like them because they’re a lot more durable than wooden eye shadow brushes which really aren’t that strong.

Furthermore, the brushes are really soft and blend out my eye shadow nicely. Which is honestly a must for eye shadow brushes because my eye shadow needs to look good!

Finally, these brushes are cute and come in this lovely plastic pencil case that really comes in handy, especially if you’re travelling.

BH Cosmetics Poolside Chic Brush Set

This brush set, in my opinion, is a really good make-up brush starter kit. As you get a range of face and eye shadow brushes to use. Furthermore, they’re sooooo soft especially the face brushes. Overall I’ve had a pleasant experience using them. And my make-up has looked good every time I use these brushes.

Eco Tools Full Powder Brush

This brush is a recent purchase but my oh my has it become a new fave. It is soo soft and applies my setting powder perfectly. I have enjoyed using this.

Chizoba is holding the Eco Tools Full Powder Brush

Final Thoughts

Overall these are my recommendations for good quality make-up tools. Hopefully, you found this useful and if you have any recommendations feel free to comment down below x

Love Chizoba x

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