Who Knew Music Could Sound So Good During Lock Down

Black headphones

I don’t know how but quarantine has exposed me to some good music lately, and honestly, I couldn’t be more grateful. As I need all the entertainment I can get while stuck at home. So, as quarantine, for the most part, is still going on I thought I would share some of my favourite songs during lockdown. So you guys can have the opportunity to discover good quality music, while also being stuck at home.

Lucky Daye – Roll Some Mo

Lucky Daye – Late Night

Lucky Daye – Ready For Love (Extended)

Kehlani – Love Language

Kehlani – Too Deep

Jessame – Times We Had

Jessame – In Time

Jidenna – Boomerang

Jidenna – Spy Candy

Jidenna – Classic Man Remix

Jayla Darden – Idea 742

Jake & Papa – Patient

Jae Stephans – 2019

Jae Stephans – got it like that

Snoh Aalegra – Woah

Final Thoughts

Overall these are my favourite songs that spiced up my life during lockdown. I hope you guys were entertained by some of these sweet melodies. And if not I do hope that you’re able to find songs that will get you through this dark period of time. Because it definitely isn’t great to be extremely bored while stuck at home.

Love Chizoba x

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